Although acrylic on panel is a frequent choice, Kristin utilizes a myriad of media in attempt to connect with her audience. And connect she does, transmitting raw emotion through subject matter and technique. Her talent is the product of a personal artistic journey that began early in life.

In 1999, Kristin accepted a grant from Georgia Perimeter College to study painting in Imatra, Finland. Guided by Russian and Finnish masters, she explored printmaking, painting, photography and independent studies. The experience has had a lasting effect. Heavily influenced by contemporary European artists, her work is imbued with both the spirit of her journey abroad and a connection with her Scandinavian heritage.

In 2002, she was accepted by the Atlanta College of Art and granted a portfolio scholarship. An original partner of the Woodruff Art Center, the school has been part of Atlanta‚Äôs art community for almost a century. It was here that she expanded her understanding of color theory, art history, contemporary art practices and artistic discipline. Kristin made the most of this opportunity to hone her technical skills, receiving her BFA, magna cum laude, in 2004.

Kristin continues to build on her unique experiences and technical expertise, participating in numerous gallery shows and exhibits. She has participated in over 17 group shows and personally organized four solo exhibits and five group exhibits. Her work has appeared in galleries all over the Atlanta area, including a yearlong exhibit at the Chrysalis gallery. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the US; as well as in collections in Finland, Russia, Norway, Ireland and Vietnam.